What is Cedar Shingle Roofing


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What is Cedar Shingle Roofing

cedar shingle roofingThere are many options for shingles when you decide it’s time to make a change for your home.

If you have not considered it already, giving cedar shingle roofing another look. There are many advantages to cedar shingles.

  • Appearance. Cedar shingle roofing looks terrific. The natural beauty of cedar shingles enhances the look of many homes.
  • It’s economical. Cedar offers thermal efficiency. It is a natural insulator from Mother Nature’s harsh temperature swings. Cedar has twice the thermal resistivity of asphalt, five times the thermal resistivity of slate and eight time the thermal resistivity of concrete. This means homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Durability. Cedar offers protection and resistance to UV rays and is built to withstand severe weather such as hail and strong storms. Cedar shingles last longer, meaning there is less of a need to replace the shingles.
  • Environmental friendliness. Cedar is a renewable resource.
  • Beautiful and unique. Each cedar shingle has its own color, character and texture.

Cedar shingle roofing has plenty to offer a homeowner looking for simplistic beauty and rustic charm. It’s important for every homeowner to make an informed decision in choosing the best roofing for a specific home. When checking with roofing companies, make sure to demand cedar shingles from the best mills. The best material makes for the best roof.

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