The Best Time of Year to Replace a Roof


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The Best Time of Year to Replace a Roof

asphalt shingle roofingSo when is the best time of year to replace your roof? Well, there may not be a hard-and-fast answer to that question.

In fact, the best season may depend on your roof and your home. First, what is your personal situation? Are you living in an area of harsh winters? Brutal summer heat?

The weather conditions associated with the season will impact your decision and may impact the cost of the installation job.

Roofing contractors work all year round. The busiest time of year for most roofing companies tends to be late summer into fall. This does not necessarily mean you’ll get the best rates. In fact, you may find better rates in the spring.

Roofers are more likely to offer a deal during the “slower” seasons. You may also find a roofing contractor with a more flexible schedule during the slow season. Busy roofers are able to pick and choose their project and they are certainly more likely to do that during the busy part of roofing season.

Choosing to replace your roof in the spring means you are less likely to have to wait for the job to begin. That’s a huge advantage if your goal is to get the roof replaced before the end of summer.

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