How to Use a Rake to Remove Snow from Your Roof


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How to Use a Rake to Remove Snow from Your Roof

roof raking snowConnecticut winters often bring heavy snowfalls. Snow can damage roofs in two ways. The weight of the snow can cause a roof to cave in or collapse, and snow can melt and flow into the gutters, where it can refreeze and form ice dams that can damage the roof and the interior of the house.

The best way to prevent damage to your roof this winter is to remove snow regularly. As a general rule of thumb, you should remove the snow from your roof when six inches have accumulated. You should also take the weight of the snow into consideration. Wet snow is much heavier than dry snow and more likely to cause problems, even in smaller amounts.

When shopping for a roof rake, look for one with small rollers or bumpers on the bottom of the blade. This will prevent it from coming into direct contact with the shingles and scraping them. If you cannot find a roof rake with rollers or bumpers, look for one with a plastic blade.

Look for a rake with a slight curve in the handle near the head. This will help you get a better angle and cut deeper into the snow. It will also help you rake snow deeper because it will keep the pole a little higher off the roof deck instead of dragging on the snow. The curve will keep extension poles a little higher on the roof and help you reach higher.

Buy extra extension poles so you can reach higher up on your roof. Buying several will help you be prepared in case one breaks and the store is no longer carrying the same brand of roof rake, which often happens.

It is most important to remove snow from the overhangs, which are the weakest parts of the roof. You should remove as much snow as possible to reduce the weight on the roof and prevent ice dams.

Start by clearing the overhangs and gradually work your way higher up the roof. Pull about a foot of snow off at a time. Don’t try to pull too much down at once because the rake will float over the surface and pack the snow, which will make it harder to remove.

Be careful to avoid overhead power lines when removing snow from your roof. Metal roof rakes and power lines are a dangerous combination.

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