How to Prevent Trees from Damaging Your Roof


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How to Prevent Trees from Damaging Your Roof

asphalt shingle roofingWhen people think about trees causing damage to a roof, they usually think about branches or entire trees falling in a storm. However, tree damage can be much more subtle and can occur gradually over a long period of time. Many homeowners do not realize that there is a problem until the damage is significant and costly repairs are necessary.

Trees that are near a house can cause damage to the roof with their branches and leaves. If you have trees close to your house, you should inspect them to see if the branches need to be trimmed or if some of them need to be cut down and removed to protect your home.

If branches extend over your house, they can scratch the roofing shingles. This can require frequent maintenance and can cause damage that can be expensive to repair. If the problem continues for a long time, it may become necessary to completely replace the roof sooner than would have been necessary without the tree.

Tree branches can also lead to the growth of mold and “black spots.” It is important to have the roof inspected periodically to look for signs of mold growth and to treat it before it spreads into the house.

A tree near the house can drop leaves that can clog gutters, causing water to back up and damage the siding or foundation. Leaves that are wet can also lead to the growth of mold on the roof.

If you have large or older trees on your property, it is a good idea to have them checked for signs of decay or dead branches. Any branches that are dead or that are too close to the roof should be trimmed to prevent damage.

If a tree has caused damage to your roof, you should address it as soon as possible before it gets worse. Hire a tree removal company to cut down any branches or trees that are causing a problem, and then let the professionals at Connecticut Shingle Installers repair the damage.

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