How to Identify the Source of Your Roof Leak


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How to Identify the Source of Your Roof Leak

roof leak sourceA roof leak can cause major damage to a house if it is not addressed quickly. The biggest problem is often figuring out where the water is coming from, since the area where you see water stains could be far away from the actual source of the leak. Here are some strategies to help you figure out the source of your roof leak.

Go up to the attic, if you have one, and look around with a flashlight. Check the underside of the roof for areas that are darker than the surrounding area of sheathing. If it has not rained recently, you may not see darker spots, but you might see mold, which grows in moist areas. The presence of mold can help you pinpoint the source of the leak.

You might be able to easily see something that has pierced the roof, such as a nail. If you do not see an obvious sign of damage, check the roof vents near the ridges and gable ends. The seals around the vents may have weakened and allowed water to leak in.

If there is insulation on the underside of the roof, it can help you identify the source of the roof leak. If you see damage to one section of insulation, the leak could be in the area to either side. You can remove the insulation in areas adjacent to the place with water damage to find the source of the leak. Wear protective clothing when working with insulation.

If you are having trouble pinpointing the source of a roof leak because the weather has been dry lately, you can simulate a storm. You will need another person to help you. One of you can go up on the roof with a hose and spray the roof in sections. The other person can stand in the attic with a flashlight and check for signs of leakage.

Once you have found the source of your roof leak, you need to get it repaired. Delaying will only allow the problem to get worse. Let Connecticut Shingle Installers’ team of experienced roofers fix your roof leak. Contact us today for an estimate.

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