How a Cool Roof Can Keep Your House Comfortable and Save You Money


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How a Cool Roof Can Keep Your House Comfortable and Save You Money

asphalt shingle roofingA standard dark roof can get as hot as 150 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. This can make the interior of the house hot and cause the air conditioner to have to work harder to keep the building cool, which in turn can raise energy costs. A cool roof can lower the temperature outside and inside the house and save money on electric bills.

How to Make a Roof Cool

A roof can be covered with cool roof coatings, which are white or reflective pigments that reflect sunlight. The coatings are like paint that protects the roof from UV light and chemical damage, as well as possibly from water.

For a low-sloped roof, a single-ply membrane can be used. This consists of prefabricated sheets that are rolled onto the roof and attached with mechanical fasteners, chemical adhesives, or ballast. The membrane can be reformulated or coated to make it reflective.

A built-up roof has a base sheet, fabric reinforcement layer, and dark protective layer (in most cases). It can be made cool by using reflective marble chips or gray slag instead of dark gravel, by using reflective mineral granules or a factory-applied coating instead of a dark coating, or by applying a coating over a dark asphaltic emulsion coating.

A shingle roof can be made cool by using cool asphalt shingles with granules that provide better solar reflectance. Manufacturers generally do not recommend coating asphalt shingles to make them cool.

A clay, slate, or concrete roof can be glazed or coated. Some are naturally reflective, but surface treatments can also be used to make them cool.

Is a Cool Roof Right for Your Home?

In order to decide if a cool roof is right for your house, you need to figure out if you would save enough money to justify the cost. The amount you will save will depend on the climate where you live, the type of roof you currently have, how well it is insulated, and how effective your heating and cooling system is. If you are building a new home or replacing your roof, it might not cost more to install a cool roof than a non-cool one. Converting a standard roof to a cool roof can be more costly.

Connecticut Shingle Installers installs roofs on homes across Connecticut using a variety of materials and designs. A cool roof can keep your house more comfortable in the summer and save you money. To learn more, contact us today.

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