Choosing The Right Roof Shingle For Your CT Home


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Choosing The Right Roof Shingle For Your CT Home

asphalt shingle roofingA home’s roof is one of its most important components, and in Connecticut your roof must be tough enough to protect your house from the winter snow and year-round rain. There are a variety of roofing materials available. Here are some tips on choosing the right roof shingle for your CT home.

  • Asphalt shingles: Asphalt shingles are the most popular due to their low cost and adaptability to all types of roofs. They are available in a large selection of colors, are easy to install and require low maintenance. The drawbacks are their short life span, from 15 to 30 years, and their susceptibility to algae growth, which occurs during the summer.
  • Wood shingles: Wood shingles are the most attractive, offering a natural look that adds character to your CT home. They are available in cypress, pine, redwood, and red cedar woods and can be pressure treated to resist rot and insect damage. They offer energy benefits by insulating the attic and the rest of the house. The disadvantages of wood shingles are high cost and high maintenance. The materials are expensive and installation is complicated, so experienced roofing professionals must be used. Wood shingles can also fall prey to mold, insects, and roof rot, which reduces their lifespan. But, if carefully maintained, they can last from 30 to 50 years.
  • Metal roofing: Metal roofing is available in styles that mimic natural cedar, slate, and clay tiles and is lightweight, fire-proof, low-maintenance, and extremely durable. It reflects heat, which can lead to lower cooling costs. The downside to metal roofing is the high cost, difficult installation, and it may need periodic painting.
  • Slate roofs: Slate is considered by many to be the best roofing material and is now available at a more reasonable price with premium slate-styled shingles and the warm look of a cedar shake roof. Slate is the most durable roofing material available but is heavy and will require additional structural support. A slate roof can last 150 years but is five times more expensive than conventional materials.

As you make a decision about roof shingles, consider the style and attributes of the roofing materials listed above. Contact a respected Connecticut roofer for consultations to get the best look and most protection for your roof.

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