Asphalt shingles are an attractive, durable, and affordable choice for your new roof. An asphalt roof is easy to install and maintain and is also environmentally friendly since the shingles are recyclable.

EPDM is a synthetic rubber roofing material derived from oil and natural gas. EPDM is a durable, long-lasting, energy-efficient, and affordable roofing product that can help you lower your heating and cooling bills year-round.

A slate roof is a beautiful and durable choice that can easily last 100 years. It can help you protect your house or business from harsh weather while also increasing its value.

Cedar is an attractive choice for a new roof and is grown in sustainable forests. A cedar roof can also increase your building’s energy efficiency, which can lower your heating and cooling costs.

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Who We Are

CT Shingle Installers is a roofing company serving residential and commercial customers throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, New York. Our team of highly skilled and experienced roofers has been serving home and business owners for over 11 years.

We repair and replace residential and commercial roofs with quality materials and craftsmanship. CT Shingle Installers has experience installing beautiful, durable, and energy-efficient asphalt, EPDM, slate, and cedar roofs on both homes and businesses.

A new roof can protect your building from the elements and increase its value. It can also help you lower your heating and cooling bills by improving insulation and making your home or business more energy-efficient.

Choosing a roof made from sustainable or recyclable materials can help you protect the environment. Many of the roofing materials we use are designed to be eco-friendly.

CT Shingle Installers is a leader in the field of roof repair and replacement. Contact us today to learn more about your roofing options and to receive a free, no-obligation estimate for your roofing project.

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